Wintry Fun Awaits on Hecla Island

Wintry Fun Awaits on Hecla Island

If you are making your way to Hecla Island this winter, you need to start planning your itinerary now. Hecla Island was originally settled in 1876 by Icelandic immigrants. Since then, the island has become a provincial park, as designated by the government of Manitoba. While the island only covers 419 square miles, there is a ton to do and only a little time to do it. If you are a planner, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading in order to find out what you should do on your next trip to Hecla Island.


Planning a Wintry Trip to Gull Harbour


A trip to Hecla Island, even during the winter, is one that can be filled with natural wonder. The island is filled with beautiful sights as far as the eye can see. Whether you are checking out the old Lighthouse Trail on the edge of Lake Winnipeg or lacing up your snowshoes for a hike through the forest, you’ll be sure to revel in the natural beauty that is around you. When you are done getting the lay of the land, you can head to Gull Harbour Marina in order to check-in to your private lakeside cabin. Once you are settled in and unpacked, the fun will really begin. Gull Harbour Marina is a world-class resort with accommodations and amenities that will keep you entertained and immersed within the cozy world that Hecla Island has to offer. If you are willing to get a little adventurous with your stay, consider pursuing the following activities.


1) Ice Fishing – Ice fishing is a Canadian pastime for a reason. Gull Harbor ice fishing can be an exciting experience that leaves you feeling rewarded for your effort when you reel in that large Northern Pike. If you are a first-time winter angler, you’ll be able to pursue the services of a professional outfitter in order to make sure that your trip is safe and satisfactory. Once you are done ice fishing, take your catches back to your cabin for a delicious fresh dinner. Just make sure to follow all size restrictions and catch quotas while you are around.


2) Ice Skiing – Hecla Island is filled with skiing trails for people of all skill levels. You can rent your own cross-country skis while in town or you can bring your own. You can also consider renting a winter toboggan or a slider-disk if you want to enjoy some good old-fashioned sledding. All of these activities are great for children, families, and couples looking to get away for a couple of days.


3) Snowmobiling – If you don’t feel like putting in the legwork to explore the island, Gull Harbour offers snowmobile rentals. Snowmobiling is a fun and exciting way to see the island without wearing yourself out. Just remember to dress for the weather, follow safety protocol, and stick to the appropriate trails.


Vacationing on Hecla island can be an unforgettable experience. Whether you are hiking trails or relaxing in a hot tub, make sure that you enjoy yourself. Rest and relaxation may be hard to find in the regular world, but on Hecla Island, it comes with your stay.


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