Why Where You Stay is One of the Most Important Factors in Your Vacation Plans

Why Where You Stay is One of the Most Important Factors in Your Vacation Plans

You might already be one of those in the know, but some people still belong to the group that considers their accommodations, “just a place to sleep”.

Is that true?

Definitely not.

Though some urban destinations like New York City or even outdoorsy places like the Grand Canyon usually entail spending most of the day (and perhaps night), out and about, there is something to be said about having a comfortable place to recharge for another jam-packed day.

These are just some reasons why your accommodations should be intentionally chosen, no matter where you are going:


It’s worth paying a premium on location, especially if you are staying for a short period of time and you don’t want to waste it getting to and from places within the area you are visiting. The top of Montreal hotels is located downtown, close to the action and within walking distance to a variety of dining options, entertainment, and shopping destinations. Knowing that you can be at a world-class gallery or nature reserve in just a few minutes instead of multiple transfers and more time, makes your trip more enjoyable. It also makes it more comfortable for planning your day, so you can take in a midday nap, drop off your shopping, or just switch your shoes if they are giving you a hard time.


Even if you are not spending the majority of your time in the hotel, having somewhere comfortable to crash, instead of a threadbare sofa bed or a room near a busy train track, can make all the difference to the entirety of your day. You should be able to get a good night’s sleep and have all the necessities of home, like a clean shower or tub, warm water, and some decent TV to watch before bed. Vacations are also about relaxing, so even if you have busy days, investing in a place to unwind without waking up with kinks in your neck is probably a good idea.


When you stay in an established and highly ranked place, you are less likely to be accosted by strange individuals in the hallways, or have your personal items rifled with. Most modern hotels and bed and breakfasts have security measures in place to ensure that guests and their belonging are safe and sound. Tourist-dense areas are usually quite safe, as well as places in more upscale areas. You will want to avoid run-down residential neighborhoods with a reputation of crime and violence.

All the “What-ifs”

There are always the “what-ifs”, which can occur during your trip and often do, from illness, to poor weather. In these cases, you spend more time at your accommodations that you might have originally thought, and you’ll be congratulating yourself on your good decision-making skills that landed you in a hotel with nice linen, high-quality room service, and maybe even something entertaining like a pool, gym, or sauna. Knowing that there’s a qualified concierge or front desk staff on hand can be a literal life saver, or at other times, a huge convenience.

Good Memories

Though bedbugs, smoke-filled rooms with peeling wallpaper always make interesting stories, having a quality hotel or other accommodations while travelling is a better one to have. The peace of mind while vacationing or even visiting for family or business matters is worth a little extra on the price tag, and having memories of waking up in a beautiful bed and walking down for a filling breakfast are the kind that you want for the start of each day.


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