What luggage is best for a short break?

What luggage is best for a short break?

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to go away on a few short weekend breaks throughout the year instead of having one two week long holiday. You can get across to Calais in France for example from the UK in only 35 minutes! Travel has become a lot faster and in many ways cheaper than it was a number of years ago. However, going on short breaks can almost make it more difficult to know what to pack, you can’t simply throw everything you own into a huge suitcase you need to be a lot more specific. Planning ahead is crucial, it might even be best if you think through your days one by one, so where will I be on the Tuesday? What outfit should I wear? This way you will only take the essentials, and avoid over packing.

When it comes to choosing your luggage for a short break, firstly you need to consider how are you travelling? If you are going by plane, do you have luggage allowance, if not your hand luggage will need to adhere to the airlines size regulations. It’s worth checking these out online before you leave to make sure you don’t get stuck having to pay additional charges at the airport which can be quite expensive. If you are getting the train, it’s likely you will be doing a lot of walking in among a lot of people rushing around on the platforms, in this case you want to think about convenience. Small carry-on suitcases with wheels might be your best option, they are easy to maneuver and will fit in overhead storage easily so that you can keep it out of yours and others way.

Another consideration when selecting your luggage is material and durability of the product. If you are travelling by car, luggage which is soft such as a duffle bag may be preferable as you can squeeze it into your boot and throw it over your shoulder when you need to carry it which is easy enough as they are generally quite light weight. If your luggage will be checked in at an airport it might be well advised to choose a suitcase with a hard exterior which is more durable and will last much more wear and tear, especially if you are a regular traveler.

The main point to be made when finding luggage for a short break is make sure it is relatively small in size so that you aren’t carrying any extra weight. It does mean being more specific with your packing but ultimately it will make traveling a lot easier.

This is a guest post contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Case Luggage, suppliers of high quality luggage and leather goods.

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