Adventure holidays are an increasingly popular travel choice for many different people   whether it’s young people looking for the next adrenaline rush or more seasoned travellers hoping to find something a bit different. Asia and Japan especially, make for excellent adventure holiday destinations.

If the usual sun, sea and sand holiday doesn’t do much for you anymore and if a city break seems like a fairly dull experience, then an adventure holiday may well be the best option for a great getaway. Usually incorporating fascinating and exotic destinations with some truly thrilling activities, there really is nothing not to love about adventure holidays. They are sure to be memorable for all the right reasons; a great way to meet new people and also cement existing friendships and relationships too. Adventure trips are available the world over, from safaris on the plains of Africa to witnessing the Northern Lights deep inside the Arctic Circle but no continent offers a greater diversity of locations than Asia.

The world’s biggest continent has plenty to offer to holidaymakers and those in search of adventure will not be disappointed. Specially-tailored sites like Exodus offer amazing adventure experiences throughout this part of the world and there really is no shortage of choice. The Himalayas provide numerous challenges for intrepid travellers, including the chance to scale the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. There are also jungles and rainforests aplenty from India, through Thailand and Cambodia and across the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. The rural areas of China and Mongolia are also fascinating and occasional man-made structures offer adventures of their own, such as the awe-inspiring Great Wall. Japan is another world entirely and is understandably very attractive to adventure holiday seekers.

Comprising four main islands, Japan is a country that has captured the imagination of countless foreigners and inspired many to travel there over the years. It has a unique culture, a remarkable history and a landscape that offers surprising glimpses of wildness considering its small size and high population. By way of sites such as Exodus, adventurers may start in one of the incredibly vibrant cities, such as Tokyo or Osaka, but then move on to explore the mountains and forests that occupy much of the rest of the country. Temples and wildlife sanctuaries offer targets to reach in the rural areas and real natural landmarks, such as the volcanic Mount Fuji, present very exciting challenges. As if all this wasn’t tempting enough, Japan is also renowned for its forward-thinking and as such it is a chance to have experiences that may not become accessible to the rest of the world for some time.

In short, those in search of an adventure holiday won’t go far wrong in choosing Asia. Within this vast continent, Japan stands out as a true highlight and one that combines thrilling urban life with unparalleled countryside scenery and where the opportunity for a new adventure or unforgettable experience is only ever just around the corner.

Martin George writes regularly on Japan and Asia as a whole for a range of travel websites and blogs, including Exodus. He was an adventure holiday junkie for some time, engaging in some hair-raising activities across the world and now loves nothing more than sharing his experiences with others.

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