London Is One of the World’s Great Cities

London Is One of the World’s Great Cities

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is blessed with some of the best airport links in the world, with both Heathrow and Stansted connecting with a huge range of other countries. Why not take advantage of this to explore what the city can offer?

London is an extremely diverse and vibrant city, with some great history, culture, shopping and nightlife to explore. Almost every language in the world is spoken here and a visitor from nearly every country in the world can find their compatriots, if they take the time to look. Despite that diversity, the city still reflects the proud history of England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

History And Heritage
There are some really impressive and well known historical landmarks in London and many slightly more obscure ones which are just as interesting. There is also a great diversity. Whilst the British Museum is a massive place which encompasses the whole history of the world, the Imperial War Museum focuses on the darker times of British history. The Natural History Museum is an absolute treasure trove for anyone interested in the natural world, with a superb and well recognised dinosaur exhibition.

Monarchy And Pageantry
Of course, you may be more interested in the seats of British government and monarchical power. A visit to the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, the Houses of Parliament, is an intriguing experience and it is possible to watch debates in the House of Commons from the public gallery. Buckingham Palace is the home of the Royal Family and the Changing of the Guard remains an event which is popular with spectators for its sense of pageantry and continuity. Travelling from the airport in a Stansted taxi can sometimes feel like taking a journey back in time.

Arts And Enjoyment

London is also one of the world’s great cities when it comes to exploring arts and culture. Great galleries like the Tate Modern provide wonderful insight into the British arts scene. The Albert Hall is the venue for the annual festival of classical music which is the Proms and there are many other great classical music venues too.

Rock On Everywhere
Rock music is something which Great Britain also does very well, so it is no surprise that catching live gigs is something that you can do every night of the week in London. Brixton Academy remains a very famous venue, but there are a host of smaller venues and pubs where you can see bands play. Throw some super restaurants, often with a very famous chef in charge of the food and some pubs of character and you have the ingredients for a perfect night out.

So fly into London and take a Stansted taxi into the heart of the city.There are few places which offer so much as London does. It really is a city which you might never leave.

Steven Hallam once took a Stansted taxi to London after flying in from the United States and has never left since. Although originally from San Francisco, he now works as a writer in London, a city he regards as the finest in the world. He now shares his insights with a range of blogs and websites across the internet.

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