Europeans: Overcome the Obstacles and Visit Australia

Europeans: Overcome the Obstacles and Visit Australia


For a great many Europeans, a trip to Australia represents a once in a lifetime odyssey that, at some point in their lives, they plan to experience. It seems such a shame that so many potential visitors miss out on the chance to see this magnificent country purely because the opportunity never seems to manifest itself.

The main reason for the frustration is obviously the cost. There isn’t a cheap way to get to Australia from Europe, and with the ever-increasing fuel prices the chances are it will always prove prohibitive to a significant proportion of people. The continuing after-effects of a worldwide recession haven’t helped matters either.

In many cases, however, if people waited until they could definitely afford the trip, that day might never come. A holiday in Australia isn’t like any other, and with so many good reasons to visit places such as the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru, there’s a good case to be made for just going for it and worrying about it later.

There’s also the time factor to consider. Because of the distance involved, and the subsequent jet-lag issues, there’s absolutely no point in travelling all that way for just a week. The sensible option is to try and make the most of the efforts incurred by staying for two or three weeks at least, but of course that can prove problematic.

More space, more comfort

A large proportion of Europeans will have visited several holiday destinations on the continent, such as those in Spain, Italy, France and Greece. Vacation flights are generally extremely cramped affairs, and this lack of space may have discouraged them from ever planning a trip down under, but the two flying experiences are totally different.

Even in economy class, you’ll find far more leg-room on a long-haul flight, as well as a wide range of entertainment options to help you pass the time. While almost everyone would rather not spend so many hours on a single flight, it has to be said that the airline companies do all they can to ensure their passengers are looked after very well.

While jet-lag can prove to be a difficult issue to deal with, especially when you have travelled to the other side of the globe, it can of course be overcome. Within a day or two of arriving in Australia, you will have adjusted accordingly, and you can start to make the most of this superb, once in a lifetime destination.


David Showell lives in the UK and works for carrentals.

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