Avoid the Buffets and Eat Healthy in Las Vegas!

Avoid the Buffets and Eat Healthy in Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas is known as Sin city. It’s full of mouth-watering, endless buffets to tempt you and 24 hour restaurants’ so going overboard on eating is easily done. However with a little help, it is possible to eat healthy in Las Vegas.


It would be easier said than done to avoid buffets completely as they are well worth the money. A good idea is to walk all the way round the buffet before you begin to pick anything up. Compare your options and decide which dishes are best for you. Choose foods such as lean meats and grilled food over fried and look closely for foods heavily covered in sources or oils. Add plenty of greens to your plate, in particular steamed vegetables. Vegetables will also fill you up, so you won’t be tempted to go up for more! If you can, stick to the salad buffet and load up on healthy food.


You may not have to dismiss alcohol completely but make sure you drink in moderation, such as a single glass of wine. Alcohol is packed full of empty calories that you can pile on and it can play havoc with your diet. Drinking also makes us hungrier, causing us to eat more than normal. Avoid fizzy drinks and opt for water with a squeeze of lemon or lime to add flavour. At breakfast time have a glass of fresh juice, makes sure it’s 100% fresh, as they can usually be packed full of sugar.

Prepare and plan ahead

Prepare yourself before your visit;find deals on flights to Vegas. Eating healthy is usually aided by the process of mind over matter. If you’re well prepared then you’re less likely to be caught off guard, if you know what to expect then you’ll find it easier to fight temptation. Before travelling to Vegas, search online and browse some of the restaurants menus to help pinpoint some healthy options.


Las Vegas is well known for its super-sized portions and epic buffets, often leading you to eat more than you ever would back home. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything on your plate, ask for a doggy bag to take the food home with you.


Las Vegas didn’t broaden its scope to include vegetarian and healthy choices until recently, where it nowhas a selection of vegetarian restaurants for you to choose from. Not only do they give you something healthier to choose from but they also give you a break from the chaos of the Vegas strip. They have salad bars, raw food and organ dishes on offer. Vegan and lacto-friendly cuisine can be found in fast food institutions, while organic foods and soy products can be found in bistros.

If you’re not ready to go meat-free then you can visit places like Ranch Spa at the Venetian Hotels which is famous for its organic cuisine.

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